What’s All This I Hear About Money?

history 101

A lot.

It is the grease in the wheels of every faction of our lives.

And one upon a time, it was a very good idea.  Good ideas are often subverted by disingenuous men who, for whatever reasons, can’t sleep soundly knowing that somebody, somewhere might have more wealth, power, access or more of ANYthing, really, than they do.

That’s called avarice.  Short form, greed.

In 1980, a failed B actor  rose up and smiled and in his well known avuncular manner said that greed was good.

So we made him king.  Because, hey, if some famous guy says it’s OK to be a greedy, grasping, covetous old sinner, that guy should be king.  Cause then it’s REALLY OK!

It doesn’t seem to have gone perfectly.

Allow me to toss up a simple graphic representation of what can happen when money is the only thing that matters and the only thing that directs or mitigates the law, power, access to needs or justice.


The headline is self explanatory.  He raped, that is had forced sexual relations with his own daughter.  She was three years old.  He also, apparently, enjoyed molesting his son.

Here’s another headline.

hot sauce

Is any of this stating to make you curious about this apparent   disparity?  It does me.

Let’s strip it down to the fundamentals.

One man is white.  Yeah, and.. well, frankly, so what?

The other man is black.  Ditto.

Wait, I think I have it.

The white man is from a filthy rich family of robber barons and the black guy is just some.. guy.

I see a pattern emerging, here.

And the problem isn’t money, it’s what we have decided money is for.

Because most of what we have decided are some of the worst ideas imaginable.

We’re gonna discuss this sort of thing in a historical  perspective to see if there were any other eras  wherein this sort of vomit inducing behavior on the part of the monied and power elite ended badly.

I don’t think I’ll need to look too far back.