The boomers are poisoning the wells!

history 101

This is the new plaint du jour of the 20 – 30 somethings

“The baby boomers are selfish and greedy and they’re spending our futures!

Actually, no.

There is no strategy, no conspiracy to screw over the “young” – or any other specific crop that comprises a generation – period.  There’s no grand plan.

What there is is the 45 – 70  demographic that was the result of soldiers coming home from the largest, most expensive war in history and screwing like rabbits. This made a lot of babies.

Then, all these factories were ramped up from the largest wartime industrial effort ever, and with nothing to do.  So the owners went back to peace time consumer goods manufacturing.

This created a lot of jobs, a newly minted working middle class and the whole “new model every year” mindset that defined America for about 25 years.  And  that was and is untenable, unsustainable and the crop of new jack robber barons that came up on Reagan’s “me me me” titty are just about done sending it to China.

That, oh disenfranchised X’ers, is what happened.  It’s called recent history and nobody is trying to bend you over the sink because of when they, or you, were born.  It’s just the flavor of scapegoat du jour for the 20 / early 30’s set.  And you’ve been conned.  But don’t expect people who can see the whole screen from their seat to agree with it.

Cause the fact of the matter is that the people spending your future are largely closer to your age and got one of those “good” Wall St. Jobs you covet and are in the process of helping their corporate owners fillet anything that will hold still long enough.  Cause profits.  And hey, sure they have ethics and stuff, but like, they also have car payments.

And the people feasting upon your future gladly make that trade every day.  So long as they get paid for it.

“Boomers” got bent over the same sink as you did.  And keeping everybody barking venom at “the other guy” is how they get away with it.

You’re welcome