“Because we said so” economics

history 101

Congressman Bob Ross (R-FL) recently vehemently defended keeping the minimum wage at it’s present level in a public meeting.  When a young lady who works at an Arbys franchise restaurant asked him, since the people at the bottom of the ladder are keeping the economy afloat and cycling the money – a fair point sincet he only useful thing money DOES is move around – if he would change places with her, he demurred.

“If we’re actually doing the work for the people that are just throwing the [profits] money around, why wouldn’t you support it?”

He answered, in a gush of economics wisdom heretofore unmatched since Greenspan tripped over his dick and said “oops” after fufilling his mission as chief 1% shill, thusly – “Cause it ain’t tight, it just ain’t right.”


Brilliant work there, Demosthenes.

Slavery, you see, and I don’t mean American slavery or Roman Slavery or Egyptian slavery, I mean as a construct in and of itself, has never gone away.

It just keeps jumping down the dirty clothes chute and emerging in a new clown suit.

“I just said it won’t work and it’s bad and that’s all you need to know.”

I see, Mr. Ross.  Brilliant.

And as far as it encouraging people to stay in minimum wage jobs and not opening up these “entry positions” to teenagers, that sort of shit the bed about 35 years ago.  There are no non-entry level positions to matriculate to in an economy that manufactures nothing but coders, cheeseburgers, attorneys and debt.  Try telling a 20 year old with $45,000.00 in tuition debt that “this is the sort of job you should have, for now” when it wont get him or her anywhere but resented by the working class at the low end of the chain who resent them being there because that job could go to a mother of two trying to make ends meet.

The people stuck in these minimum wage jobs don’t necessarily have anything tomove up TO.  The other problem is that even if they did, they would have to come up with the money to apply to Cash Cow University Inc. in order to acquire the necessary skills.

At the end of the day, the oligarchy pays the serfs in bread crusts and keeps the fatted calf.

T’was ever thus.

And it has never worked.

There is a very vehemently defended idiocy in our culture that states that those who have should always get more and those that have not should provide it.  At the expense of economically and socially static lives with no opportunities open to them other than subsistence.

Well, I hate to piss in your petunias, Mr. Ross, but $7.20 isn’t subsitance anymore.  And if you want to keep shilling for the people who are convinced that the economy will survive them constantly demanding more at the expense of the people who are told to make do with less, you’re gonna have to tell them to start feeding the back forty kneegrahs better.

You can’t just hand people bullshit forever.  Not even if you have a nice suit.  Look into it.  It’s called History 101.