All these trees seem to turn into a forest

history 101

So, everybody in America seems to be a each others necks and bang and blame is the order of the day with a healthy dollop of endless entitlement for whatever given subgroup you have chosen to identify with.

We’ve been socioculturally divided and conquered and we’re all too busy chasing god money around – the ridiculously festooned bad IOUs that define our existence – to step back from the urgency being pumped at us every day, from every media source imaginable, reminding us that the sky is falling and the fault of those people up the road who, unlike you, are no good sneaky bastards, ruining everything.

Let’s bring in the final ingredient and take a good hard look at the two “parties that matter” that parade their most hopeful ponies out every election cycle from whom we seek remedy for all of this overwrought, stressful and so far, less than useful malarkey we seem to take home and nurture like a stray cat.

Well, let’s see.

So far, picking candidate A over candidate B has gotten us, precisely, here.  And here seems to be roundly perceived as problematic to say the least.

The wealthy continue to take everything, contribute nothing, avoid almost all taxes and the poor and working class are dunned silly to cover the costs of governance and infrastructure maintenance and services that we’re all paying for with bad checks backed by nothing but 17 trillion in unserviceable debt.

So, given that if America were a mom and pop bodega, it would be boarded up, let’s roll with the assumption that the above mentioned plan is sort of sucking wind.  Not feeding the dog..  At all

So, we’re broke.  The media assures us that this is because of tax and spend liberals / rethuglican toadies legislating all the money up chain, take your pick.

It’s getting rather plain that the “government” doesn’t represent anybody who doesn’t have enough bank to make Croesus blush.

No solutions there.

Is it really that sneaky, lazy person that we are assured is a mere four blocks over that is mooching food and rent money in an economy stripped of almost all gainful employment?

Not likely.

And we sit, wedged between two ostensibly different political factions all promising a return to greatness, neither delivering anything but more divisive rhetoric and nothing resembling results.

Why is that?

Here’s a notion.


What if I told you that this was pretty much the whole game plan from the get go?

What if I told you that the brief bubble of working and middle class prosperity that resulted from the post war manufacturing boom, between ’45 and ’65, was nothing more than a bubble and nobody who was cutting the paychecks had any interest in making it last?

What if I told you that the preponderance of what you have been told is the American way is largely a bunch of PR designed to make you feel unpatriotic unless you’re working to make other people wealthy?

This country wasn’t founded by pilgrims who held a bake sale to buy ships, seeds, tools, supplies, food and water so they could sail to freedom.

The economic constructs in play and the players had their tents firmly staked way before we discovered all these pesky red people squatting on our land.

If you’re mumbling “bankers?” to yourself, congratulations,  You win the toaster.