Veneers, Misdirection and Manipulations

history 101


There are many ways to describe any given thing.  The way in which one chooses to view or attempts to create a common view upon something or somebody has a lot to do with how we perceive its history.

F’rinstance, I suppose you could describe Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most memorable character, Sherlock Homes, as a well dressed crackhead musician with a pretty nifty day job who didn’t like girls.

He injected cocaine, played the violin and was a snappy dresser.  But is the that the central truth of his character?  No.  A man given to sketchy habits, certainly, but with a genius for deductive reasoning, and therein lies the crux of his character and its popularity.  He also never existed.

The point of all this being that, if you peel back some of the veneers of what we accept as historical fact about a lot of people and places, what they got up to, why, and the results, you are like to find a lot of cognitive dissonance.  Some purposefully constructed, some simply a matter of a tale told often enough to be accepted as fact.

Goebbels knew all about that.  It was his stock in trade.


“If you repeat a lie often enough,people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”

The present day zeitgeist of “yuh HUH!”, “nuh UH!” isn’t as new as it seems.  The notion of dividing a people against themselves in order to distract them from shenanigans, malarkey and out and out buncombe is as old as governance itself.  However, that doesn’t make it a good idea.

So why do we put up with it?  Because we have accepted that other glossy, oversold notion that, at some point, we are simply obliged to shrug, shift our heads to one side say “That’s just the way things are.”

This is a very valuable toolkit for the people dismantling this country and several others before it to keep people barking at each other instead of them.

The overtly fragmented culture we are presently living in is not without purpose or profit.  And a few posts in, we’re going to take a hard look at some very widely accepted notions that are nothing more than really good PR, designed to keep you well certain that the people who are keeping you lashed to Queen Victoria’s dusty old apron strings, socially and economically and culturally, are the people up the street wearing the same chains.

There’s more to “the way it is” than happenstance and a couple of 8th grade history books, y’all.




The One True Way!

history 101

_______________________________________________________________________________There is a very distinct form of con / idiocy that has been extant worldwide for many a century and has done little good for the most part unless you happen to be greedy or power hungry.

This is called “The One True Way™” method of ideological governance.  It’s simple.

Capitalism asserts that the profit motive is the über alles, clear and only useful method of a free and productive society.  Period.  To divert from this shining path of profit and more profit as the only useful approach to societal management will have Kruschev and Stalin resurrected and eating kittens and beating respectable church going folk on the town square.

Communism is sort of the same thing only they promise that to deviate from the great and endless loop of a struggle of serving the worker above all else will bring whores and three card Monte dealers selling decadence from make shift tents on the steps of the Kremlins.

Socialism has this idiot idea that the very purpose of any form of governance is to serve the population it governs.  Heresy, to be sure, boyo.

The main problems with this little three way fandango of One True Ways are, simply, these.

NONE of ANY of these methods is in use in its actual, stated form anywhere on earth, but I digress.  The biggest problem is that they all work great.  They do.  But they are not monothematic ideologies wherein one band aid covers all booboos and they were never designed to be.  They’re pieces parts.  They’re LEGO.  You use the one that’s needed to meet the situation at hand.  They’re tools.  Not obsidian monoliths of rectitude.

And they work like a Swiss watch when utilized as stated on the label and in concert with the other.

Pure capitalism doesn’t exist because the end game of that is three people eating gold bar and caviar sandwiches and the rest of the population making mining gold, roe fishing and growing wheat in exchange for a dirt floor shack with a bread oven.  Because profit!!  Pure socialism cannot and doesn’t try to exist without a robust capitalist engine.  But they are still convinced that regulating serves everybody better than opening Gold Bar and Caviar Huts throughout the country.

Communism is essentially a safety net.  It says that the people who create the wealth aren’t out planting food for a straw hut and some crumbs.  Or at least if they are out planting wheat, this is viewed as respectable and the point is to feed people, not make people rich.

So they all work fine.

They are all brilliant.

They also are basic horse sense about what life and a society is for.  And they are  widely and constantly gerrymandered, subverted and screwed into little balloon animal parodies of their purpose and design by people who want to dance on the backs of the bruised after their gold bar and caviar gala luncheon.

So, am I a socialist?  Of course.  And a staunch capitalist and  I dabble in communism when necessary.  And so do you.  What I don’t do is piss my pants with urgency when the oh by jingo urgency farmers come around barking about the One True Way.

And neither should you.

“Because we said so” economics

history 101

Congressman Bob Ross (R-FL) recently vehemently defended keeping the minimum wage at it’s present level in a public meeting.  When a young lady who works at an Arbys franchise restaurant asked him, since the people at the bottom of the ladder are keeping the economy afloat and cycling the money – a fair point sincet he only useful thing money DOES is move around – if he would change places with her, he demurred.

“If we’re actually doing the work for the people that are just throwing the [profits] money around, why wouldn’t you support it?”

He answered, in a gush of economics wisdom heretofore unmatched since Greenspan tripped over his dick and said “oops” after fufilling his mission as chief 1% shill, thusly – “Cause it ain’t tight, it just ain’t right.”


Brilliant work there, Demosthenes.

Slavery, you see, and I don’t mean American slavery or Roman Slavery or Egyptian slavery, I mean as a construct in and of itself, has never gone away.

It just keeps jumping down the dirty clothes chute and emerging in a new clown suit.

“I just said it won’t work and it’s bad and that’s all you need to know.”

I see, Mr. Ross.  Brilliant.

And as far as it encouraging people to stay in minimum wage jobs and not opening up these “entry positions” to teenagers, that sort of shit the bed about 35 years ago.  There are no non-entry level positions to matriculate to in an economy that manufactures nothing but coders, cheeseburgers, attorneys and debt.  Try telling a 20 year old with $45,000.00 in tuition debt that “this is the sort of job you should have, for now” when it wont get him or her anywhere but resented by the working class at the low end of the chain who resent them being there because that job could go to a mother of two trying to make ends meet.

The people stuck in these minimum wage jobs don’t necessarily have anything tomove up TO.  The other problem is that even if they did, they would have to come up with the money to apply to Cash Cow University Inc. in order to acquire the necessary skills.

At the end of the day, the oligarchy pays the serfs in bread crusts and keeps the fatted calf.

T’was ever thus.

And it has never worked.

There is a very vehemently defended idiocy in our culture that states that those who have should always get more and those that have not should provide it.  At the expense of economically and socially static lives with no opportunities open to them other than subsistence.

Well, I hate to piss in your petunias, Mr. Ross, but $7.20 isn’t subsitance anymore.  And if you want to keep shilling for the people who are convinced that the economy will survive them constantly demanding more at the expense of the people who are told to make do with less, you’re gonna have to tell them to start feeding the back forty kneegrahs better.

You can’t just hand people bullshit forever.  Not even if you have a nice suit.  Look into it.  It’s called History 101.